Stay ahead of the competition with solutions that increase business agility and accelerate communications with peers, partners, and customers

Collaboration enablement solutions are so crucial in our time. In the new business environment, the team members are no longer always in the same place and we can help you manage this situation by offering innovative collaboration solutions.

Speclex is your trusted partner in this journey to keep up with these rapid changes and keep your company workforce always connected and aligned to the business operations and objectives.

Speclex will assist you achieving your collaboration objectives by designing, supplying, and implementing the right solution for your needs.

Of the average knowledge worker’s time is spent in meetings
Average delay in meeting start time due to technology glitches
Of people admit to multi-tasking during meetings

Collaboration Solutions advantages

Your organizations can collaborate with confidence with Speclex expertise and Cisco best-in-breed solutions, Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need when they need it.

  • Access and share video on-demand
  • Facilitate improved interactions, dynamically bringing individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams
  • Improve productivity and communication response time
  • Reduce communication expenses with cost-effective tools that enable faster interaction
  • Increase flexibility by providing remote and home workers with tools designed to improve productivity
  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so the mobile workforce can be productive anywhere

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