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Technology nowadays plays a big role in  business operations. For any business size, technology can make a big difference and leave a big impact on increasing efficiency and revenue and fulfill customers’ needs.

Speclex was founded to be a pioneer technology company that focuses on IT solutions that enable organizations to overcome the modern work environment challenges and solve their problems and achieve extraordinary success.

We work passionately and dedicate ourselves to create success stories with our clients. We work professionally with best practices and high client’s satisfaction. Our team is built of professionals whom are aspired to be part of something bigger than simply being an IT solution provider. We are eager to create a positive change and always act dynamically and innovatively according to the changing Information Ecosystem of today. Our goal is to take part in leveraging technology adoption for more efficient business and ultimately revolutionize the concept of Information being used in the business.

We help our clients exploring technologies through product demonstrations and proofs of concept. The technology products and platforms we demonistrate are quite impressive, but the engineering talent that works side by side with our customers and partners is what drives the real innovation.

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