API Development & Integration

We have built a strong partnership with Cisco’s DevNet team which enables us to develop customized applications to help you elevate your Cisco infrastructure and offer more functionality to it and offer new services to your company employees.

We can develop and customize APIs which can be integrated with your implemented Cisco solutions to go a step ahead offering your end users new functionalities and features for more efficiency.

These APIs can help you in many aspects of your business, examples for thees APIs are:

  • AI chatting bots.
  • Finesse gadgets to the Finesse Agent Desktop.
  • Automation systems for Cisco video conferencing which helps you control lights, room temperature, curtains, inputs sources, all from the Cisco touch 10.
  • Embedding video calls and messaging natively into your website or mobile app, which can change the customer experience.
  • Teams’ spaces creation adding required people automatically for a certain issue that requires a fast attention from a required team.
  • Security system integration to be as IoT device where it can instruct the light to turn on or your digital signage to change when someone pass by.
  • Webex meeting integration with LMS enabling it to open virtual classes from the LMS directly and keep teachers and student connected all the time .
  • Security system integration with your point of sale system to store the video of each transaction, so you can see what exactly happen automatically.
  • Network automation to raise the efficiency of your IT team.
  • And much more …

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